Still Using Firebug?

As a web developer, I hadn’t decided to focus on front-end work until another developer told me about Firebug. When I started targeting mobile, I switched to the Developer Tools suite (DevTools) built in to Google’s Chrome browser. Two years later and I’m just beginning to realize what I’ve been missing. I was on the /r/javascript forum on Reddit… Read More Still Using Firebug?

DVR Powered by WebKit

ARRIS Group, Inc. has released their Moxi 2.0 DVR software and it’s got a WebKit build powering its interface. With browsers showing up in hardware appliances we’re fast-approaching the day when the term “web developer” may become an anachronism, supplanted as the web stack becomes the world’s unified user interface standard. Moxi software release 2.0… Read More DVR Powered by WebKit

WebKit Gets New Features in Safari Mobile on iOS 6

Not a huge deal, but we can see where this is going. requestAnimationFrame and cancelAnimationFrame are very useful for – drum roll – JavaScript animation. WebKit on iOS now supports the requestAnimationFrame and cancelAnimationFrame methods in JavaScript, as described here Note that because the specification is still at the Working Draft state, these methods have the webkit prefix,… Read More WebKit Gets New Features in Safari Mobile on iOS 6