Beach Blanket Blogging

Ah, la plage.

How sweet it is to know that while one’s co-workers toil tirelessly in your office, you are engaged in a little beach-side blogging.

What a way to close out the summer. Back in March I placed my claim on a pair of tickets for Radiohead’s last performance on the American leg of their latest tour. I’d never seen the Oxfordshire quintet perform live, but from what I’d seen of the video footage of their studio recordings, I was not going to be disappointed. I wasn’t.

The Santa Barbara Bowl is a small natural outdoor amphitheater nestled in the foothills above Santa Barbara. It seats an audience of around 5,000 and was totally packed last night.

So when the opportunity arose for me to spend the night at my godmother’s beach house in Montecito, I quickly spoke up. “I have need of the beach house,” I mentioned to her. I was told to return in two weeks to pick up the keys and, oh, would I drop off some towels while I was up there?

So I got to sleep next to ocean last night. The sound of the waves – I’d forgotten how soothing it is. Sound machines just don’t cut it. These waves shook the house.

And here I am, calling in to the office every hour on the hour, starting off the Labor Day weekend, not laboring.

Ready to Run

I can’t wait to get out of here – I’m going to see how fast I can do the run up to San Vicente and back. On Tuesday I did in about fifty minutes. On my way back I almost got run over by some tool turning right onto Moomat Ahiko from Ocean. Fortunately he had his sunroof open and was at just the right angle for me to give him a short, sharp, “HO!” He stopped. Just in time for me and some douchebag rollerblader to use the crosswalk.

I was way overheated when I got home. I’m not sure how to combat that – I want to be able to go for a run, shower, then go do stuff. As it stands I can’t really do that without sweat-drenching whatever clothes I change in to. The cold shower doesn’t work – it’s my core temperature I want to bring down quick. Popsicles maybe?