Maxed Out


I just watched Maxed Out. I would put this at the top of my recommendations list.

At least until I calm down. = broken

“The film has its share of jaw-dropping moments. Did you know, for example, that while you need to sweat out your credit report,the credit bureaus keep a special “V.I.P.” list of prominent citizens whose reports are specially tidied up so they look cleaner than they really are? If the big boys never experience the harassment or increased costs of a credit ding, then they are a lot less likely to insist on more legal oversight. There are many ways to lobby, and this one requires no reporting at all.”

– Elizabeth Warren, a Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. She teaches contract law, bankruptcy and commercial law.

Personally, I am most curious about the VIP List for credit reports.


Last night I was asked why I have a fascination with movies like, “Why We Fight” and books like F. William Engdahl’s A Century Of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order.

I didn’t know the answer when I was first asked the question. But I think I’ve come closer to 
knowing the answer. It’s because “Why?” is the most important question you can ever ask.