suffers DNS problems’s nameservers seem to have been the target of a adDoS attack, whatever that is. (A)synchronous? (A)symmetrical? I need to look into that. Whatever caused the outage last night seems to continue to be causing problems this afternoon – either that or there are bad records cascading now. It’s on Twitter too.

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Found Through BoingBoing Funny Ignite presentation from one of the proponents of BotaniCalls. The group is creating open-source, open-hardware systems, mashing soil monitors and wireless components with Twitter and other communications media. If your ficus needs water, the device can transmit a message over SMS to notify you of this. About Ignite: Ignite captures the… Read More @seymour FEED ME!

Beware the TwitterTrojan

Twitter has a little Trojan problem right now. The yet-to-be-officially-namedhey! 23/Female Trojan seems to be luring unsuspecting Tweeps to a drive-by install that’s hijacking Tweep’s account credentials and spawning copies of itself. Oh, it’s also redirecting traffic via the tinyurl clones to a sexy sexy webcam site.