I was playing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue last night and I found something interesting. I was playing the online race at the Daytona Oval track for cars with 700 performance points when I noticed three players with virtually identical screen names show up in the player roster.

Their names were:


They seemed to be engaged in some sort of cooperative play. They didn’t play well enough to have been bots, but it got me to thinking how cool it would be to create a bot for the online version of the new Gran Turismo. If anyone can shed some light on what these guys were up to, leave me a comment on this page.

I believe they were engaged in cooperative play because at the race to the finish on the last lap I was trailing behind one of them (BYE_HATERS_05 I believe) in third place. The other BYE_HATERS were well behind us. I was drafting BYE_HATERS_05 when, as we approached the finish line, he slammed on his brakes, as if in an attempt to slow me down. Such a move sacrificed his own position in the process (he neck-and-neck with another player vying for first place). Had he been successful, it might have allowed at least one of his “team mates” to pass me.

Not sure what this is about, but I’m sure more light will be shed on it soon.

This particular race event was no longer available a mere 24 hours later. Could these have been moderators having a last go at the track before the event was closed? There were a lot of “wreckers” that would play on this track and perhaps a few people got upset and called Sony. “So and so isn’t playing fair! He ran me off the road.” I know I’ve felt wronged on more than one occasion.

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