Too Old for Video Games?

Am I too old for video games?

A lot of my friends from high school are settled down with mortgages and/or kids. Most of them are married or living with their significant others. I, however, am continuing to live the life of an emotionally retarded thirty-two year-old man-boy, drifting in and out of variously addicting video games on my newly purchased PlayStation3.

As of yesterday I have acquired a Sega Dreamcast – still in its box – a gaming console originally launched in 1999. Very excited to try it out.

One thought on “Too Old for Video Games?

  1. You know, I’ve been wondering the same thing lately. I’m in my late 20s and it seems everyone else around me has settled down into that social norm of marriage/moving in with someone and getting a house (in short, responsibility I guess). I don’t have many friends that still game anymore, other than the occasional Wii or Guitar Hero session (both much more socially acceptable it would seem). I’ve always wondered if my being a gamer caused me to miss out on a more diverse social life. Or maybe I just became a gamer to compensate for the lack of a diverse social life. Either way, I’m having fun. Yes, society probably views me as immature or needing to grow up. I don’t really care. If there is something that you enjoy doing and it brings you happiness, life’s too short to be worrying about what other people think. For all the people that seem to think I’m wasting my time, I’ve always wondered since when is having fun a waste of time. And besides, what would they rather I did for my leisure time? Watch TV all the time like the majority of them? Or take up some other hobby, like scrap booking, model trains, or golf? Everyone is entitled to what makes them happy, and for me that just happens to be video games. As long as gaming brings me enjoyment in my leisure time, I will continue to do so. The only problem with video games that I can see, is when they go from leisure activity to lifestyle.


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