I’ve spent the better part of my online weekend integrating a number of online services with one another. I’ve unintentionally saved the best for last (again, that’s not me trying to be witty).

Among the various web 2.0 service built-in integrations facebook now offers is I’ve apparently signed up for this service in an earlier iteration of its design. And I was apparently unimpressed at the time – or more concerned with personal privacy – as the site offers online journaling of your musical listening history.

The site offers a number of features, including iPod integration, and matches you with others with similar tastes. It can then make recommendations to you – a la the iTunes Genius – to help you find musical you are likely to enjoy discovering. We are really starting to see the beginnings of mainstream adoption of the “digital butlers” Negroponte foretold.

If you have the courage, check it out…

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