Unlocking and Modding an ATT Tilt (8925)

Unlock your AT&T 8925 Tilt and start flashing custom ROMs and radio software onto it, this is a great place to get started:


I came across a fully functional spare 8925 when I was packing up to move into my new apartment. This guy needed to be unlocked and flashed, since my current 8925 was seeing some wear and tear (the “u” button on my keyboard’s a little iffy and the touchscreen has a small scratch in it). Switching to a backup will give me time to dissect my old handset and make some repairs.

So, including the time it took to download the HardSPL, CIDUnlocker, and the lite ROM I wanted, the whole process took about an hour.

Not too bad, as long as you are confident you know what you are doing.

If you need your phone, and aren’t sure, play it safe. You don’t want to BRICK!

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