Karmic Alignment Hits TWC

After years of providing some of the nation’s most famously dissatisfying customer service, it looks like Time Warner Cable may have maxed out its subscriber base.

Also, their ad revenue seems to be down. Bwaaaaaah!

What’s interesting is that their service is so notorious for suckage that said suckage has actually spawned a secondary marketplace. There is a measurable amount of ad revenue generated web content dealing with complaints.

See also: Time Warner Cable: Your Internet Isn’t Working So We’re Sending A Tech To Disconnect Your Cable, this actually happened to me on more than one occasion.

For a while a couple of TWC guys (@JeffTWC) started stalking me on Twitter when I sent a tweet about the colossal suckage maneouvers when I moved. I’m still stumped at how they can rent me an HD DVR with the HDMI port disabled.

They made need to take evasive action like Blackwater just did.

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