Unlocking a CDMA HTC Touch Pro (Raphael)

I’m in the middle of my write up of the HTC Touch Pro (Raphael). In the mean time, I thought I’d share the treasures I’ve found during my journey to the underworld of CDMA phone unlocking and custom ROM burning.

For noobs, CDMA carriers in the US are $print and Verizon Wirele$$.

If you are interested in unlocking a CDMA HTC Touch Pro (Raphael), please follow this laser-like link directly to the noob’s HOWTO. Note, in order to download the Hard SPL, you’ll need to register and prove you’re human. (It’s become increasingly difficult lately, hasn’t it?)

IMPORTANT – Obligatory dumbass disclaimer
Don’t use this if your phone is the GSM flavor; running this SPL will brick your handset!


You can download the SPLs here:


8 thoughts on “Unlocking a CDMA HTC Touch Pro (Raphael)

  1. i followed the process, it worked successfully but how would i get to use it with at&t. Thank you for the post and considering my question.


  2. To the best of my knowledge, AT&T does not operate a CDMA network. Unlocking the phone will enable you to operate the phone on another CDMA network. In the US, the only other CDMA network I know of is Verizon Wireless.


  3. US Cellular is also a CDMA carrier, Sprint is a CDMA carrier. There are a couple regional companies that are smaller that Verizon and those companies use as roaming partners as well. I am actually curious to see if this works with ALL CDMA HTC Touch Pros and not JUST Verizon's (which 99% of these posts are about)…. ????? anyone try a US CELLULAR HTC TOUCH PRO UNLOCK or ROM FLASH yet? Just curious… -Stephen stephenpetsche@hotmail.com


  4. Sir, i am from india, i bought a sprint new unused htc touch pro , the unlocked by 'ppcgreek' Hard-spl to cmonex 0.37, then flashed with mighty rom6, all well, but still shows Roaming sign, local carrier Reliance accepts *229/*228 to connect ok, put pin to activate doest end result, pl tell what to do??,


  5. Vinod,I don't know the answer to your question, but I am researching and will let you know what I find.Are you in Mumbai? How is the CDMA radio reception there? Are cellular bandwidth frequencies restricted there?


  6. hello, i am in kanpur, uttar pradesh, near agra, the reception is ok, reliance being biggest carrier of india, 40% user are cdma reliance, rest GSM of many carriers, here reliance sell handset change cards as 2 years back most reliance users were w/o usim, over the air network reg,. then pepole needed these cards to cahnge handset as w/o usim, htc touch pro also w/o usim(not sim), i get good reception, full bars, when i dial *229with 9 digit pin from card, my old handset confirms part trnsfer, then i have to dail *228 from new set, then voice command from REL. to enter last pin for tansfer the no, into new set, i get ' sorry yr set couldnot be activate, pl talk to CC, before 'mighty rom' update, there was Trangle for roaming, now, on phone tab = international, i changed radio of verizon 1.03.03v, now reception a little waek, pl suggest, how to unlock roaming??


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