The Indestructible HTC Raphael (Touch Pro)

Don’t try this at home
Upon returning home from Independence Day festivities I noticed my Touch Pro was not where it was supposed to be. After a brief search I called back to the party and asked them to take a look for it. Sure enough, I got a call back a few minutes later.

“We found it.”
“Hey!!! That’s great.”
“In the street.”
“I think it was driven over.”
“It has tread marks on it.”
“It’s in two pieces. Oh! They just snap together…”

Upon departure I had unwittingly dropped my Touch Pro as I got into the passenger seat of the car. The phone had landed on the street surface apparently just in front of the right rear drive wheel. My girlfriend then unknowingly piloted the vehicle over the device as she drove away.

I picked up the phone the next morning. I had drained the battery the day before as I’d been using it to shoot video of, uh, stuff. Not fireworks. Nevertheless, I hit the power button. The phone chimed, its screen lit up and it came to life. The keyboard slipped out and the display changed orientation.

I placed a couple calls and checked my e-mail. I’m still using it four days later and – despite a few more scratches – it’s fully functional.

My comliments to the engineers at HTC, makers of the indestructible handsets.

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