Swamp Buggy Racing

I remember there used to be broadcasts of races of amphibious vehicles know as “swamp buggies.” I never really understood the appeal, but then again, I’ve never needed to get through a swamp in hurry. I’m sure if I were in a swamp, I’d want to get out of it quickly. I suppose therein lies the appeal.

A Swamp Buggy Racing
A Swamp Buggy Racing

The premise is relatively simple. With the right equipment, and under the right circumstances, it is possible to propel a four-wheeled vehicle across the surface of water. Swamp buggy racing involves vehicles that have been purpose-built to do this. As you can see above, during operation only the foremost portion of the vehicle is visible. The remainder of the craft is obscured by the water plume created by its front wheels.

A stationary swamp buggy in all its glory
A stationary swamp buggy in all its glory

The sport seems to be confined to Florida, although the Wikiepdia article on swamp buggies is woefully inadequate.

More to come…

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