DID YOU KNOW? Chris Dodd’s Wife is Chair of the CME

So, this is important. The CME is the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. That’s the place where commodities futures are bought and sold. This market determines the prices of crude oil and gold, goods vital to the global economy.

Thank God we have major television news organizations in this country that report on the really important issues.

Well, it turns out that Dodd’s wife has made a business of being on corporate boards, and last year, before the current financial reform legislation was proposed, the Hartford Courant described how she decides which assignments to take:

“She’s turned down board seats that pay more but could entangle her in issues her husband works on. She’s hired an ethics lawyer to screen out corporations that might have business before her husband.”

via Chris Dodd’s wife and derivatives trading | Money & Company | Los Angeles Times.

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