UPDATE: China H4X0RZ Google

Google Offices Sign in China

It appears the Peoples Republic of China is displeased with Google.

The LA Time reports that the Google corporate executive site on some servers redirects to a Chinese webpage.

Other Google properties that seem to be affected include the guest-facing side of Google Analytics.

I guess it makes sense because. It was just this sort of shenanigans that got Google mad in the first place.

Oh, China! You think you’re soooooo tough, don’t you?

(In case you can’t tell I’m rooting for Stanford on this one).


The official news outlet of the Communist Party of China is doing its best to counter with a little PR attack. They are pointing out that Google can’t complain about complying with censorship requests of its host government because it willing does so when it filters out neo-Nazi results from its German sites.

Obviously, this is a little different from colluding with an oppressive regime to expose political dissidents.

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