Super-Genius Economics

Martin Armstrong is an outsider macroeconomic financial analyst who is doing time for pissing off some powerful people.
Among the more noteworthy events of his life, he is known for accumulating $1 million USD at fifteen years of age through rare coin and stamp trading and 2) pinpointing the 1989 high watermark of the Nikkei
He recently authored this brief on the European debt crisis from solitary confinement. I’ve done my best to digitize the prose here.
I am now in the Hole/Box under “investigation” because I wrotea a habeas corpus for another inmate who wrongl mailed a copy to another prisoner I did not know. I had no connection to his mailing and I believe this is just an excuse.
I am writing this because it is urgent. We are entering Phase II of The Debt Crisis. When the Euro was being born, a special commission came to my London lecture by special request. I explained they had to adopt the original Fed model so that each country had its own interest rate. That they adopted just as the 12 branches of the Fed at first had a separate interest rate to manage capital flow. But now the EC is in dire position and a debt crisis at sovereign level is starting to materialize. This will spread to US/State debt and the CFTC move to limit currency trading by the public from 100:1 to 10: can cuase a liquidity crisis that backfires, magnifying everything.
DEFAULT                 CIVIL UNREST
This is the simple European model. Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland are trapped. Their interest rate will rise and cause only an outflow of national wealth. The have no way to address the problem that is accumulative.
I have burned my brain raw trying to come up with a solution. But there is only one. A complete restructure that is a debt for equity swap. Debts will never be paid.

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