Henry Rollins, Ladies and Gentlemen

My first concert when I was 16 was a triple headliner tour of Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill and Rollins Band. That was in 1991 and five years after the deactivation of Black Flag.

Now he writes a column for Vanity Fair. How weird.

Well, he’s still got it, folks.

John Boehner, he’s a piece of work. Get to John when you can and remind him that the Declaration of Independence is one thing and the Constitution is another. He says he carries a copy with him. I actually do carry a copy of the Constitution with me wherever I go and I was listening on the radio as he read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence as the preamble of the Constitution. Wait a minute, I’m just a high school graduate without a fake tan, and I was able to pick that out. And you know, no one behind him, if you watch the footage, no one is even wrinkling their brow going “Wait a minute, he got it wrong.” No one in the crowd—tea partiers, who love the constitution—none of them are saying “Hey wait a minute coach, you got that one wrong.” They’re just nodding and going “Hell yeah, get your government hands off my Medicare!” So I’m sure I do get hate mail from these people.

via Cincinnati Magazine.

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