Stuxnet World Tour 2010

More like Sucks Net!!!111
More like Sucks Net!!!111

So, I guess China’s bought a lot of their industrial infrastructure hardware from Siemens. I’ve worked on the computers that Siemens uses to operate their industrial equipment and I know first-hand that it has no business being connected to any kind of computer network. As of 2007 the Germany’s GE was still shipping computers using pre-SP1 copies of Windows XP Pro. And even if you wanted to you weren’t really supposed to patch them – or install any kind of anti-virus software on there.

A lot of news media will show close-ups of computer keyboards or a screen full of source code in an attempt to use a graphic to display visual imagery of computer malware. This is amusing.

In an attempt to be equally amusing I’m including this animated GIF of a quasi-famous prairie dog.

More on Physorg.

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