I just got this e-mail about my inheritance. Thank God these guys knew how to find me. It was purely blind luck that I didn’t miss the e-mail altogether. But, fortunately, I decided to go looking through my spam folder looking for false positives, when I happened to notice an e-mail with a discreet subject line:


Being the inquisitive chap that I am sometimes known to be, I investigated further…

In close consultation with the World Bank, IMF and the European Union (EU), this is to notify you of your enlistment as a beneficiary of a Contract Inheritance Fund of 10.3million united states dollars.Consequently, Central bank of Nigeria Plc has been directed by the World Body to off set these outstanding debts, using ATM Swift Card payment arrangement.View attached file for more clearification.

You can see what I mean. This is a big deal. Obviously the sender (identifying himself as “PAYMENT NOTIFICATION FROM SENATE”) must have had a hard time getting the word out. The e-mail sender address was listed as bitungt222@att.net, but the reply-to field’s value was dr.patrickazziza05@hotmail.com.

So, basically, if you get one of these, don’t be a pussy – this guy looks legit.

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