Sprint CDMA Rev. A in Santa Monica

If you don’t look at the latency (“ping”) this could be an old school ADSL on copper – pretty cool.
I hope to soon go back to the intersection of Fedora and Olympic (in my previous tests the strongest WiMAX signal between downtown Los Angeles and the beach) to see how the signal is with the Sprint SmartView on Windows XP. I’d checked it out using the “roll your own” Intel WiMAX software compiled for Ubuntu. It took two weeks just to get the drivers and HAL operating in Debian. And I had to run a nightly Linux kernel.
One interesting observation was that CLEAR (the actual service provider) was operating three other channels in addition to their own. Obviously, Sprint was in there, and, not surprisingly, Verizon had a channel. But what was shocking was to see that there was a listing in the for TimeWarner Cable!! Apparently TWC plans to use CLEAR WiMAX private label service at some point. How weird!

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