The SoCal JavaScript Beer.js was great tonight. Met a bunch of local js devs. Many of us had independently come to the same conclusions – we discovered – regarding the source of much of the recent influx of fresh VC equity in Silicon Valley. We all understand how large wealth transfers occur in international capital markets. Most software people have a very good grasp of the nature of the world’s recent economic mischief. And most of us seem to have a good grasp on the fundamentals of Macroeconomics.

When the Federal Reserve and the Department of Treasury agreed to start photocopying $20 bills we were aware of the large sums of money that have gone in to TARP and QE2. Not to me mention guarantees on Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Republic of China (Taiwan), and South Korea (yes, we’re still on the hook for that one too).

We know who a lot of the people were who made money off the economic and currency collapses of the past four years. Like a bunch of little George Soroses they made money betting against the people in power. And they were right. Who knows? Maybe their computers told them this would happen.

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