International Protests Against Internet Censorship Treaty

Seriously, guys. It’s not going to go away. We’re talking about control of the Internet. And while computer-savvy geeks like myself won’t be stopped, SOPA and PIPA will hobble the Internet’s capacity to public;y display dissent.

Then again, I’m always talking about the decreasing relevance of legislation in lawmakers’ efforts to regulate technology. Where were these guys when we needed standards for cell phone signals?

The world is witnessing the largest offline protest against copyright legislation today…

I’m willing to stop buying music and movies altogether. But, I realize that this Royalty Crusade, like so many other legislative doomsday devices, is on autopilot and can no longer be stopped by a single individual. Even if one of the Big Media CEOs wanted to stop ACTA, he couldn’t.

Therefore, it’s up to the rest of us, ladies and gentlemen, to save the Internet (yes, it’s a proper noun).

Read more at TorrentFreak.

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