DVR Powered by WebKit

ARRIS Group, Inc. has released their Moxi 2.0 DVR software and it’s got a WebKit build powering its interface. With browsers showing up in hardware appliances we’re fast-approaching the day when the term “web developer” may become an anachronism, supplanted as the web stack becomes the world’s unified user interface standard.

Moxi software release 2.0 contains an advanced HTML5 WebKit-based browser as well as support for MSO customizable application storefronts and downloadable applications.

The DVR software sounds pretty cool. It is designed to participate in a REST architecture on your LAN, interfacing with the iPad remote control app via API over HTTP.

The Moxi Web Services API provides a full featured and RESTful command and control-interface enabling authorized partners to implement functions…

via Arris reveals Moxi DVR release 2.0 with web browser, apps and iPad remote – Engadget.

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