Hardware Problems

As an aside, I know we’re still having problems with our hardware. Unfortunately, most of this stuff is beyond my control. I encourage you to contact me if you feel at all frustrated by your experience in any way. This is only the second time I’ve taught a class, but I know – if nothing else – the “great firewall” has been a “great disadvantage” for this educational forum.

5 thoughts on “Hardware Problems

  1. Tom, I found the link for changing host names using the Terminal app. Now I having issues configuring Apache for my Mac, wasn’t there an “Our Event” link you said was avail and as well a YouTube video?



      1. Hi Tom,

        I am trying to modfiy the “conf” files and the files are locked!!! I unlocked them and made myself the owner. But when I save it in TextEdit it says it’s still locked and won’t save. I even copied the code, deleted the org’l file and created my own file with the same file name and it won’t save either. Do you have other work around this issue?



      2. New issues…once I saved the two new conf files and started Apache, the app can’t find those directories, I double checked my new VirtualHost code, found one error & re-saved it and XAMPP doesn’t like those new files, any fixes you can think of, please?


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