Westminster Avenue and Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Westminster Avenue and Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA

From the USC Digital Archives:

Photograph of Westminster Avenue and Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA,, [s.d.]. Abbot Kinney Boulevard runs from the foreground to the background at center and intersects Westminster at center. Both roads are paved, and several early-model automobiles can be seen parked along the sides of the road. Single-story buildings line both sides of the street and contain stores and restaurants. Lampposts can be seen along the sidewalks, and a line of utility poles runs along Westminster.; Legible signs include, from left: “Safeway Stores California’s Leading Grocer”, “Hudson Venice Motors Essex”, “Wm. E. Rice Batteries Repaired Rebuilt Recharged Starting Lighting Ignition Service Parts Repairs”, “United States Tires and tubes Sales and Service Depot”, “Stuard Dry Goods”, “Public Library”, “Bakery”, “Sale Salvage”, “Piggly”, Venice Dollar Store”, “Drugs”, “Washington Pharmacy”, “Westminster Ave”, and “Christopher’s Ice Cream and Candy”.


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