“Realty Deals at Ocean Park”

Country Club, Ocean Park

For a while now I’ve been interested in learning more about the Venice Short Line section of the Venice-Inglewood freight railroad line that used to travel behind the shops on the east side of Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

I searched the web for any old property records on the building housing Intelligentsia Cafe. Its address is listed as 1331 Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

One of the pieces of information I discovered was the the original “Legal Boundary Description” which is listed as


The string “RANCHO LA BALLONA LOTS” also appears in the records for 1221 Abbot Kinney. The results from a query on “OCEAN PARK VILLA TRACT” resulted in an old article from the L.A. Herald. I was able to scrape this out of a Google crawl cache. It’s an OCR of an article in the Los Angeles Herald dated 11 March 1906.

It lists noteworthy real estate transactions from the Ocean Park Villa housing development tract. Interestingly, the two buildings on Abbot Kinney Boulevard were constructed in 1924.


California Digital Newspaper Collection — Los Angeles Herald 11 March 1906 —

Mrs. Anna M. Waite engineered the most noteworthy deal In local real estate recorded last week by selling to Leonard McGorsh a frontage of 60×110 feet on the ocean and Brooks avenue. The price paid was $13,500. Mrs. Gerson Goldsmith was the previous owner.

C. M. Keggins reports the following sales: To A. W. Beane No. 1008 ‘ South Third street; to J. F. Johnson, lots- 5 and 6, block 3, Auesean tract.

C. J. Hildesheim ft’-Co. report the following sales:

Lot In the Seagirt tract for C. B. Olln. Lot in Villa tract for Gus Weber. Lot in Villa tract for O. Lazeronnie. Lot in Villa tract for Mrs. Pierce, at prices ranging from $500 to $700. The Eymann Realty Company report the sale of over $36,000 worth of property In the last 30 days, including about 1000 acres of land In Tulare county.

American Realty company reports the following sales:

House and lot on Surf street to Elizabeth Stover; price $2300.’ House and lot on Third strtet to Rev. George Leach; price $1800. House and lot on Lake stree to C. A. Shlrrey; price $2400. House and lot on Kinney street to J. Kelly; price $3000.

Lot in Ocean Park Villa tract to M. A. Springer; price $750. Lot in Ocean Park Villa tract to W. J. Gilhooley; price $700. Lot in East Ocean Park tract to H. W. Deleaney; price $400. Two acres in Wright’s addition to H. W. Dfleaney; price $1250. G. E. Yocum of the firm of Yocum & Bailey has gone north on a trip- of Inspection through Tulara county, where the firm has extensive property Interests. *

Among the many good offerings, one of special note is ti.e twenty-acre tract at Ivy, close to- the short line, that Charles J. Hlldershelm & Co. are offerIng at a very low price. This property Is in direct line for subdivision. The advertisements In Ocean Park classified column explains the proposition. The Robblns Realty company has made several good sales this week.. Mr. Robbins reports the demand for beach lots very active and he is looking forward to rapid advances in property at Ocean Park this summer. This firm Intends placing on the market a large and very desirable tract at Shakespeare, and the prices and terms asked will be within the means of all.

Yoakum & Co. put through four big deals last week and have a number of others up their sleeve. Both Mr. Yoakum and Mr. Bailey have great faith in Ocean Park and its future, and never hesitate to advise their friends to Invest in sand or beach lots. The history of Ocean Park stands in mute evidence that their advici. is good.

via California Digital Newspaper Collection — Los Angeles Herald 11 March 1906 — REALTY DEALS AT OCEAN PARK.

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