SaMo Brew Works to Start Public Sales this Friday (October 31, 2014)

I’ve just heard that Santa Monica Brew Works will being selling beer to the public this Friday. The beer (available in standard keg size) will now be available for purchase from their brewery. Located at Colorado Avenue and Twentieth Street in the 90404 zip code, (and across the corner from Saint Anne Church — nice work, btw).

This marks the end of a long march for the brewery, which has jumped through countless bureaucratic hoops to get this far. Not sure if the tasting room is open, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon!


Incidentally, the brew works backs up to the old “Los Angeles & Independence Railroad” right-of-way, now being converted to Phase II of the MTA’s Expo rail line.

2 thoughts on “SaMo Brew Works to Start Public Sales this Friday (October 31, 2014)

  1. Hey Thomas –
    We appreciate you doing a story about the brewery! We are indeed brewing here in Santa Monica, however, we are not currently selling to the public (our permit only allows us to sell directly to licensed outlets). As a result – our kegs are NOT available for purchase at the brewery. However, the public can purchase kegs of our beer (in two different keg sizes 15.5 gallon and 7.75 gallon) from Jerry’s Liquor (2923 Wilshire Blvd.). Please feel free to find our beer at over 80 different bars, restaurants and hotels around the West Side!



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