Reviewing the Ashley Madison Data (Initial Observations)

#1 It’s not Fake

I’m going through the Ashley Madison data and, first, I can confirm it is accurate. Right now, I won’t get in to how I know this. But, I’ll bet you can figure it out.

#2 It’s Enormous

There’s a lot of information to go through. There are ~36 million e-mail addresses. It’s taken me an hour to import the MySQL dump file, and I’m not sure I even want to export it to Excel (but, I’ll probably do it anyway).

#3 Low-Key, Yo

Some of the people on here will never get caught. In addition to all the people who used their real – and sometimes work – e-mail addresses (I’m looking at you, Tony Blair), there are also a lot of people trying to be discreet (like Also, AM never required e-mail confirmation, so there’s a good chunk of bogus address in there.

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