Our French Connection

I get emotional when I think about the French Connection.

It goes back to watching Casablanca as a kid. That scene in Rick’s Cafe Americain – where the whole place starts singing La Marseillaise – it gets me choked up whenever I think about it.

M. Macron’s speech today had the same effect on me:

On the evening of Donald Trump’s announcement that the US would pull out of the Paris climate deal, Emmanuel Macron launched a three-pronged communications blitz against Trump about the perilous consequences of his decision.

The part where he welcomes to France all free-thinking Americans wishing to continue their work on climate change – it drives home the idea that we’re all living in a new era. As much as I’d love to bolt for the French Republic, we have work to do right here – and we can’t just run for the hills.

Source: Emmanuel Macron skewers Trump in the first-ever English address by a French president from the Élysée: “Make our planet great again” — Quartz

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