Penn Ave Converting to Two-way Traffic

SANTA MONCIA, CA – The City of Santa Monica is going to change the orientation of a section of Pennsylvania Avenue. The stretch between 26th and Stewart Street is going to become a two-way street this weekend. It’s most-likely this work will be performed late Saturday night (March 31) through Sunday morning (April 1).

We want sidewalks!
This is one of the more passable sections of the roadside.

A few weeks ago I noticed the addition of new traffic lights facing the western end of Penn (at 26th Street) . I suspected that might involve a change in orientation. That suspicion was confirmed by a corporate memo sent out yesterday (Thursday March 29).

A double yellow line will be installed, and signs and parking meters will be adjusted to allow for traffic in both directions. The traffic signal at 26th Street will be modified to accommodate westbound traffic.

A 1910 City Map. A rail line arcs from the middle of the left to the bottom right corner. There is a rail junction as well. The map shows city streets, and tracts of undeveloped farm land.
The streets at the top and the bottom are Colorado and Michigan Avenues. The Sawtelle city limits ran through the middle of Food Truck Alley.

For as long as I can remember, this Food Truck Alley has been a one-way thoroughfare. This change may alleviate some of the traffic congestion at the intersection of Stewart and Olympic Boulevard.

Food trucks park along Pennsylvania Avenue. The street has been a one-way thoroughfare, but is being converted for bi-directional use.
Food trucks park along Pennsylvania Avenue serving lunch most weekdays. Photo courtesy The Daily Meal (

I wonder if the new parking will have designated truck spots. Wishful thinking…

I’ve always looked both ways when I cross – and now you should too! You never know when a reckless driver will do a three-pointer and double-back up the street.


–  gravitybrake

PS: This is going to take three minutes off my ride home. Now I don’t have to take Stewart up to Colorado and make that weird left to head west.


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