So, I ran a “Cookie Jar” this morning

Tempting fate, I know.

Definitely bad timing, but I had some time to kill. My main mobile was getting wardialed five times an hour. So I picked up.

Made it 15 minutes through the first call, when another came in. I conferenced in no. 2 and let them figure out they were in the same call center.

Then it got interesting.

I let them hash it out for another ten minutes, but I got bored and decided to wrap it up. I told the punted I had a screen full of tentacle hentai and waited for him to figure it out.

Well, he was rightly cross with me and now I’m “getting my e-mail blocked” all over the web. I have 135 compromised credentials waiting for him, so I wish “Alex” and “Justin” the best.

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