“Not fair, is potato” – Russia, responds to US tanks heading to Ukraine

Well that escalated quickly.

It is obvious that Washington is purposefully trying to inflict a strategic defeat on us.

It took just one day for the Russian government to call foul after the U.S. announced it was considering sending American main battle tanks to help Ukraine defend itself from its invasion.

I realize it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever see tank battles between these two adversaries, but I’m glad to see the playing field is getting a little closer to true level.

Of course, this is also more gasoline poured on the hot garbage cum dumpster fire that is the current state of Russia’s foreign relations. If only we could free the hell out of those people.

It seems North Korea has just tested its first solid-propellant ICBM.

Source: Russia fumes NATO ‘trying to inflict defeat on us’ after tanks sent to Ukraine

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