No Peeking!

JavaScript Trivia for Thursday February 13, 2014 When it first shipped with version two of Netscape’s Navigator web browser, JavaScript was known as LiveScript. And, even before that, JavaScript creator Brendan Eich, originally gave the language this name. HINT: It shares its original name with a hot, chocolate beverage, as well as with a popular JavaScript testing framework.

Today’s WebDev Trivia Quiz

According to the W3C standard, an HTML script tag should have a type attribute, who’s value should be a MIME/content type. Although commonplace, we (web developers) almost always write this (incorrectly) as the value “text/javascript”; now – without looking – does anyone know what it actually should be?

Still Using Firebug?

As a web developer, I hadn’t decided to focus on front-end work until another developer told me about Firebug. When I started targeting mobile, I switched to the Developer Tools suite (DevTools) built in to Google’s Chrome browser. Two years later and I’m just beginning to realize what I’ve been missing. I was on the /r/javascript forum on Reddit… Read More Still Using Firebug?

Fun with JavaScript Profiling, Minification, and JSLint

I’ve been working with JSLint profiling and what they say is true: minification is more efficient if you write your JavaScript following certain JavaScript sub-standards (I know there’s a better way to phrase that). File Sizes Original: 27,542 bytes Original (minified): 21,179 Linted: 30,714 Linted (minified): 20,899 Here’s the scoop. The original file size was 27,542… Read More Fun with JavaScript Profiling, Minification, and JSLint

“JavaScript Wranglin’” or “How I learned To Stop Worrying and Love the DOM”

SUBJECT A short, abstract assessment of how one might improve performance, maintainability, and extensibility of the legacy JavaScript architecture on a high-traffic enterprise website; to create automated processes to perform continuous profile, test, build, integrate, and deployment work; to furnish a well-documented codebase to future developers. MAKE THE JAVASCRIPT UNOBTRUSIVE First, make the JavaScript unobtrusive.… Read More “JavaScript Wranglin’” or “How I learned To Stop Worrying and Love the DOM”

WebKit Gets New Features in Safari Mobile on iOS 6

Not a huge deal, but we can see where this is going. requestAnimationFrame and cancelAnimationFrame are very useful for – drum roll – JavaScript animation. WebKit on iOS now supports the requestAnimationFrame and cancelAnimationFrame methods in JavaScript, as described here Note that because the specification is still at the Working Draft state, these methods have the webkit prefix,… Read More WebKit Gets New Features in Safari Mobile on iOS 6