Apparently, my intelligence estimate of the Russo-Georgian conflict did not live up to the expectations of a seventh-grade social studies class. Kids are so hard to please these days.

At least I know how to use the apostrophe. —-> :’)

When the whole Black Sea sitch first hit the presses, I have to admit, I had to consult a map to refresh my memory as to the location of South Ossetia. Like I’d mentioned in earlier posts, I’d first played Ghost Recon back in 2003 and, sadly, that had been one of my sole points of reference for the Republic of Georgia (that’s Stalin, not Sherman). I knew it had been part of the USSR, that there had been elections funny business a year or two back, and that we’d had stronger ties with Georgia than with any other former USSR state still outside NATO.

As for my feeble analysis of the historical analogy between Russia’s annexation of South Ossetia and the Mexican-American War, you failed to miss some of the more dramatic errors in my conclusion (yes, I’m talking to the Poli-Sci Bruin). Listen, there is no way I support those baby-killing, godless Russians savages. However, the comparison does serve as a good way to explain the situation to the average Joe who, if we’re lucky, might know enough American history to be able to cognate the relationship between the two conflicts.

One thought on “…AND THEY’RE MOUTHY!!!

  1. well im glad to see you are quite the gramatic genius. you would be great at taking my notes or writing my papers. do you think henry kissinger uses appostrophies correctly? or uses correct punctuation or spelled everything correctly? ok then! generally a response like yours comes about when their argument is shut DOOOOOOWWWNN! im sure you can impress the hotties in the office with your geo political conclusions, but not here SONNNN!(east coast hip-hop fo yo wack-ass) hey i noticed it’s taking you some time to respond to my responses. a question for you… how does one of you favorite groups franz ferdinand relate to the ethnic cleansing between the serbs and the croats in yugoslavia? how much wikipedia time do you need to answer my question? (tick-tock…tick-tock) explain it to me like im the average joe…..ha ha playin’ yo!


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