Not Your Father’s Money Supply

Chart of U.S. Money Supply Growth

I’ve finally gotten a chance to read through some of John
website Shadow Government Statistics: Analysis Behind and Beyond Government Economic Reporting. It’s an horrible title – to me it connotes fringe wacko theories about FEMA and Mt. Weather. It is, in fact, conclusive academic analysis of some of the nagging suspicions I’ve had for years – that the cost of living in this country is increasing at a far greater pace than the CPI would lead us to believe.

The chart at the beginning of this post is a good example of how vastly inaccurate BLS figures might be, depending on how the data is collected and interpreted.

3 thoughts on “Not Your Father’s Money Supply

  1. I didn’t need academic analysis to make me realize that costs more every year to live in this country with inflation out pasing pay increases. go figure. man you are brilliant! ill answer my own question for you….franz ferdinand was the prince of austria who was assasinated which kicked off WW I. At the conclusion of WW I yugoslavia was formed out of balkin states. these people were forced to co-exist and live together. well they probably didn’t take into account european history and their underlying hatred of each other. ethnic cleansing is what ensued. well there you have it….your groups name sake franz ferdinand and ethnic cleansing. class dismissed! im not going to come on the site anymore. i will leave you alone to impress the office dipshits. i can tell you like to sound smart to those who don’t know otherwise. have you ever seen goodwill hunting? remember the sensitive ponytail guy(you) who tries to confront matt damons(me) friend at the bar and dazzle the ladies with his “knowledge” that damon(me) exposed by showing with “academic analysis” that all sensitive ponytail man(you) was doing was stealing ideas and making it like it was his own. when damon(me) threatens a beat down sensative ponytail man backs down. reading some of your blogs,you sound alot like sensitive ponytail man.


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