TWC Fuels the Fires

Since they’re being such good sports (and Twitter is down for scheduled maintenance right now), I thought I’d go ahead and recap some of the better news appearances Time Warner Cable has made lately.

I just want to take a second to state that I know that most of the good people of this company are intelligent and diligent workers. It’s the upper level managers running the company that we should hold responsible for the appalling performance of this technical behemoth.

Don’t want to rent a cable box? Suck it!

Can someone explain to me how cable companies are competitors when the markets they cover never overlap?

They reported a loss of more money ($15B) in 2009Q1 than than of all their profits from 2008Q1 through 2008Q3.

2 thoughts on “TWC Fuels the Fires

  1. Tom, do you know if the Switched Digital Video thing is being put in for Los Angeles?Obviously, it makes sense to do that given the bandwidth issue. It’s silly to send all channels all the time over a TCP/IP network…


  2. I’m not sure. If I had to guess, I’d say all initiatives are on hold until Time Warner, Inc. successfully spins off the cable television division. They’ve already saddled it with more than it’s fair share of their corporate debt (read cash paid to Steve Case for AOL).It should be fun to watch the turkey fly with an anchor tied to its feet.


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