Agents Raid Office of Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen in Connection With Stormy Daniels Payments – WSJ

Oh sh-.

It’s on now motherfucker.

Federal investigators on Monday searched the office, home and Manhattan hotel room of President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, seizing communications between the lawyer and his clients that cover topics including payments to the former porn actress known as Stormy Daniels, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Stop messing with our elections.

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Ajit Pai’s “Harlem Shake” video preparations must remain secret, FCC says | Ars Technica


It’s the second time FCC refused to release emails about an Ajit Pai comedy skit.
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“To Serve Man”



Hey everybody! There’s still some Kool-Aid in the punch bowl!

I mean, they’re backed by Goldman Sachs. What could go wrong? It’s not like they’ve ever deceived their own clients. Oh, wait.

I remember when Groupon was getting ready to get bough by Google. But, their finance guy blabbed about it and Google pulled out within hours of learning about the leak.

Groupon raises $700 million in massive IPO | Reuters.