It’s Time to Let Bechtel Nuke the Well

Today I realized: I stopped posting articles not long after The Gulf Spill (I believe that is the moniker that will stick). I think it was too much for me and I kind of shut down on a lot of levels when that happened. One of these was filtering out most visual news. I let my NYT and FT subscriptions run out and I haven’t renewed them.

I don’t know when the visual imagery’s potency will wane (as it seems to have done with the War in Iraq), but it’s hitting me pretty hard right now and I’ve only just begun trying to confront it.

Dr. John Lanza, director of Escambia County Health Department, said the reason for leaving the decision up to beachgoers on whether to swim is because the oil situation on the beach is “very dynamic.”

I’m still contemplating if any generation from any nation has ever perpetrated any man-made environmental disaster on a scale of this size.

The only thing I can compare it to is nuclear in scale: Chernobyl, or some of the Pacific Atoll atomic testing of the 1950s. So when I hear people talking about how crazy it would be to use a low-yield nuclear device (as have been tested in Georgia in the 20th century for mining and construction purposes) I have to wonder how long it will be before we, the more forward-thinking individuals among our country’s intellectual elite via, recognize that no aspect of the impact of this cataclysm will be any worsened by such an attempt.

In my Marxist opinion it’s time to let Bechtel tell us where to put a nuke to stop the oil well. I’m betting the bright folks over at Rand would not hesitate to agree with me on this salient point. They’re always ready to recommend we let loose the nuclear arsenal to bust open a stubborn jar of pickles.

It seems that much of the oil is still hitting newer beaches as time goes by. Much of the Caribbean island community is terrified of the effect this is going to have, even before the start of Hurricane season. It is time to acknowledge the nigh-global scope of the effects of this event.

So, the scale of this problem is going to require the full-time resources of some of the brightest construction engineers in the world. Fortunately, they all work for the same organization.

Consequently, let me be the first to propose that we loose the nukes on this sucker – and let The Thunderbirds take a crack at the problem.

Oil spill: Is Gulf safe for swimming? | | Pensacola News Journal.

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