Greek Countrymen Strike Across All Sectors

This shit’s crazy.

The workers in the public and private sector stike today, 8 July, the day that the government decided to dismantle at once the whole social security system, that the modern, post-dictatorial country was based on. The hospitals will function only for emergencies, the buses, metro, tram remain halted in Athens and are their timetables are modified in Thessaloniki, the ferries remain at the ports the whole day, the trains remain halted, all air flights are cancelled during the 4-hour-long strike of this sector. Even the workers of the parliament are stiking, making the government furious, as without staff even the voting for the new law will be a trouble.

via From the Greek Streets › #329 | July 8: Strike in all sectors / The dismantling of the social security system is a reality.

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