Sweet Berry Wine!

I don’t know if it’s art, but I know what I hate. And I don’t hate this.


In the words of Dr. Steve Brule, “Wine was invented by the Romans, for orgies. But orgies aren’t too much fun when no one wants to do it with you.”

Some of the most powerful men in Silicon Valley are regulars at exclusive, drug-fueled, sex-laced parties—gatherings they describe not as scandalous, or even secret, but as a bold, unconventional lifestyle choice.

“Incidentally, thank you for not making fun of my genitalia.”

via “Oh My God, This Is So F—ed Up”: Inside Silicon Valley’s Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side | Vanity Fair

A Dress Rehearsal for Democracy’s Funeral

A photograph of Ivanka, Melania, and the Donald meeting with Pope Francis. Ivanka and Melania wear dour expressions on their faces, while Donny is grinning ear to ear.
From left, Ivanka, Melania, Donny, with his holiness Papa Francesco.

One of the people in this photo is clueless. Can you figure out who?

I’m not terribly familiar with protocol for meeting with the holy father. But this photo is still striking. Such contrast. Donny’s grin is exceptionally out of place here. And Fred Trump (Donny’s dad) was no fan of the Roman Catholic church.

To quote Dubya, it’s another instance of “some weird shit, man.”

SERIOUSLY, WTF??? “Torch-wielding protesters rally at Confederate statue in Virginia” – NY Daily News

Okay, it’s just not funny any more.

Torch-wielding white supremacists rallied around a Robert E. Lee statue slated for removal and chanted “Russia is our friend” in Virginia Saturday night.

I realize they’re just trying to get people upset, but this is just downright weird.

I’m not going any further. I support free speech, so go ahead. But, the torches, the message, together could it not represent a “clear and present danger” legal situation?

Source: Torch-wielding protesters rally at Confederate statue in Virginia – NY Daily News