Daring to Sully the Great Name of Cambridge



Isaac Newton’s remains’ rotation accelerates to 14,000 RPM. *

So, we’ve gone from the dark ages, the foundation of Cambridge University, to John Harvard in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, (skip 400 years), Robert Frost, et cetera, Civil Rights, all the way up to: millennial Jared Kushner buying his bachelors.

And now: Classics undergrads reportedly unhappy seeing Slavs hijack heuristic Latin linguistics.

The academic community of “Data Science” is hereto-for unavailable for comment.

via Cambridge Analytica bragged about using fake news, bribes, and Ukranian hookers to influence elections – VICE News

* Please see, turn in one’s grave, for more info.

God bless America.


Snapchat Leaving Venice

I’d heard rumors, but that’s it.

Well, it turns out the rumors are true.

The tech company, founded in Venice in 2011, is vacating a large chunk of its Venice network of office space for a location in a corporate office park in Santa Monica.

This may actually serve as one final “fuck you” to the Peoples Republic of Venice, as the move will undoubtedly create a vast surplus of vacant office space. Five years’ of rising rents has taken its toll on the neighborhood’s character. That increased cost of doing business has forced out dozens of local businesses (not to mention my local beer garden). Okay, so I have an axe to grind.

The company is planning to move to an office complex adjacent to Santa Monica Airport. I wonder if the corporate leadership will benefit from the accessibility of private air travel?

Who knows? Oh, well. Maybe now I can finally start using the app. I hear it’s kind of fun.

via Snapchat Is Pulling Out of Venice, and Gentrification Activists Are Overjoyed ~ L.A. TACO

Homework: Get Hit By A Range Rover

Today, I got hit by a Range Rover. With New York plates.

It happened around noon. At Sixth and Santa Clara.

I’d just about rode my bike down to the stop sign when homie came up close at the limit line. I’d been in a track stand when his bumper kissed my left thigh. About eight people saw it.

I didn’t fall, and – thanks me to God – I stayed vertical. But I’ve got the Range Rover logo burned in to the lint on my left thigh.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost…