Marginalized? Nuclear Bunker Timeshares Might Be the Answer

Friends, do you command vast resources in your rural community? Are you a member of the spiritual elite, eager to bring your family safely through the Second Coming of Our Lord and Saviour?

Why waste your financial resources setting up your own bunker, when you can share the burden with your fellow national elites?

Makes me feel a little animosity to the working class that support movements like the Tea Party. You say you don’t like big government, yet you obviously want to pay for it more than you want the rich to… You know what? You’re going to wind up paying a larger portion of the rich’s tax burden. Go ahead and elect representatives who are going to shift the tax base to the bottom end of the income spectrum (and take more of your money). You want big government? You deserve it. You want insane medical policy that hurts your children? It’s yours. You long for suicidal foreign wars? Enjoy. You bought the ticket. Enjoy the ride.

You go ahead and pick up the check.

The income tax on Social Security caps at $90,000 a year. The guy who makes that much pays twice as much as the guy who makes half as much. Seem fair?

That’s the end of the excess burden to pay for SS.

After that, it levels out. No income over $90k gets taxed for Social Security.

WTF is up with that?

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