Old Venice and the Backdrops of “Boardwalk Empire”

It’s really fascinating to watch the recreation of Atlantic City during it’s “hey day” and I can’t help but be mesmerized by the backdrops for the exterior scenes shot there. I’ve always had a soft-spot for historical boardwalk scenes. Not really sure if it’s some weird obsession with the Monopoly boardgame or the secretive aspect of built-in speakeasies of the era.

I’m entranced because of its resemblance to the original appearance and intent of the boardwalk that stretched through the annexed communities of Ocean Park and Venice.

Jeff Stanton (the Historian Laureate of Ocean Park and Venice) lends his insight into the boardwalk’s origins as property of the firm in which Abbott Kinney was a partner:

Park Casino (actually a restaurant and tennis club) on June 23, 1891. Several months later they decided to purchase the surrounding tract of land for $175,000 from Captain Hutchinson, a British Army officer. The man had acquired the beach front property in the late 1870’s when he foreclosed on a series of loans made to the Machado family on parts of their La Ballona Rancho.

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