I just tried go visit a bunch of sites I used to look at before I found reddit. I was disappointed to see that worth1000 has been subsumed into another site, but I was pleased to see that and are still at it. One of my favorite SA forums from back in the… Read More Costanza

Venice Beach, 1940

As I’ve mentioned before, one can spend quite a bit of time lost in the digitized photography archives hosted by the digital library at the University of Southern California. It’s the single best resource I’ve found for large- and medium- format Los Angeles photography. Wherever possible, I try to look for ways to group photographs together. I… Read More Venice Beach, 1940

Mao’s Kitchen Wasn’t Funny in 1946

I’ve seen this photo numerous times, but I just realized (I’m pretty sure) that the Western Union storefront in the photograph is where Mao’s Kitchen is now located. I had lunch there yesterday, and I guess it just clicked. Pretty cool to see how the infrastructure was once built around the Pacific Electric cars.