Santa Monica Content Provider Goes Public

Demand Media, an internet how-to and general information provider with headquarters in Santa Monica, went public Wednesday to the tune of some $1.5 billion.

The more time goes by, the more companies I was salivating over working at last year turn out to look pretty crummy. In 2010 they invited me to interview for the position of SEO Technical Manager at the property.

The office was all a-buzz because they’d just made their SEC filings for the IPO in the previous week. Everyone I met with was quite nice. The managers were all intelligent, competent, and polite.

With one exception.

The gent who’d been hired to fill the position was working as a contractor: no stock  for him. This “Senior Technical Recruiter” was warm and engaging and demonstrated great personnel skills during my three interviews.

It became quickly apparent, however, when the management decided to pass on me. The “Senior Technical Recruiter” – let’s call him RT – dropped the conversation like a hot potato. No responses to phone calls or e-mail.

That is, until, a few weeks later when a close colleague mentioned he’d be heading over there for an interview. I fired up Thunderbird and sent RT another e-mail, mentioning that I’d heard from my friend that he was interviewing over there.

And I got a response! Imagine that!

Anyway, this article is pretty anti-DemandMedia. It says that it’s not such a great company from the perspective of the freelance writers that make $5 per article.

via Santa Monica Content Provider Goes Public.

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