Is WooMe deliberately breaking its unsubscribe links?

So this is what a BS/BA at a top tier school gets you these days, eh?

These guys are pretty scandalous. I’ve never signed up for their service, but they trick new users into letting them scrape their e-mail contacts.

And there is something off about their faux Transatlantic demeanor…

This unsubscribe link has some obvious flaws in it; it looks like a Python variable name is coming through their code as a literal.

Tell me, buddy, is the ‘username_encoded’ supposed to be part of the URL show up in the e-mail? Who’s making these e-mails?

Somebody call the FTC.

I’m going to make three predictions:

1. They will say they are not legally responsible their e-mail campaign.
3. They intend to IPO at $25 / share.
2. They use Python.
4. They are full of shit because this URL is deliberately laden with tracking parameters (current Google Analytics campaign ID info).

Full URI as it appeared in the e-mail:’username_encoded’ /?utm_source=woom&utm_medium=emal&utm_content=unsub&utm_campaign=failedviptest

2 thoughts on “Is WooMe deliberately breaking its unsubscribe links?

  1. QuantamTom – i’m steven sesar, vp marketing for thank you for notifying us regarding the unsubscribe link error. we’ve recently begun testing a new methods of email delivery, sending a small email campaign to users who’ve previously expressed interest in our VIP subscription service, including an account created and verified with your email address. we use personalized content in the unsub links of all emails and unfortunatly, this small test resulted in our personalization content not being populated properly. we have since halted all email delivery of this campaign, thanks to your post. free free to contact me direct should you have any other questions or require additonal clarification.

    ssesar at


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