BlackBerry Outage Linked to Massive Drop in Traffic Crashes


I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

I’ve noticed that there is a special social sphere for BlackBerry Messaging (BBM) users. These social groups tend to congregate around one another in an self-organizing pattern. They are usually technophobic luddites who enjoy deluding themselves into thinking they are riding in the carpool lane of the mobile Internet.

The only problem is that they are standing actually the “Cash Only” checkout line. It’s probably all the same people you see at the movie theater lobby waiting in line with a dozen other people to buy tickets from a human cashier when (not ten feet away) there are four automated touchscreen ticket kiosks just waiting to spit out passes for two adults and one child to see Cars 2 in theater five. Thank you, enjoy the movie.

BlackBerry Outage Linked to Massive Drop in Traffic Crashes

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