AMC Theatres to MPAA: “Fuck off”

Suck it, Valenti.

Dead Culture

“This isn’t just about business. This is about overthrowing dead culture.”

– Steve Jobs, from The Pirates of Silicon Valley

As the concept of intellectual property fades into obscurity, the people of planet earth have reached a major milestone. I don’t think this has ever happened since the creation of that McCarthyistic dinosaur we call the MPAA. A national movie chain has rejected the MPAA’s restricted rating of Bully and gone their own route. It seems AMC feels pretty strongly about the nature and cultural significance of this film. Consequently, they’re skipping the simpleton rating system and going it on their own.

And that’s our play of the day.

Usually, when a film is released without a rating by the MPAA, it’s because it contains so much mature content — usually sexual in nature — that it was going to get an NC-17. In turn, major theater chains have traditionally treated unrated films as if they have an NC-17 rating, and won’t screen the film for any audience.

via Bully: AMC Theaters to screen for minors, with permission | Inside Movies |

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