Don’t Steal from the Russian Mafia

A photograph of Alexander Perepilichnyy
Alexander Perepilichnyy

All he heard was “steal from the Russian mafia.”

Now, I don’t feel too sorry for this guy. But, the timing and circumstances of his death raises one of my luscious eyebrows. Maybe the left one.

Alexander Perepilichnyy collapsed and died outside his home on a select estate in Weybridge in November 2012 shortly before he was due to give evidence as a whistleblower in an investigation into an alleged $230m (£146m) fraud which implicated Russian tax officials in a conspiracy with organised criminals. He had been told he was on a mafia hit list.

I’ve read that Putin hides his money with Russian nationals (“oligarchs”) geographically spread out around the world. It makes perfect sense to diversify.

One source of relief in all of this “nouveau detente”: the Kremlin is behaving as a rational actor. Just one thing – remember The Hunt for the Red October? A calm, cool Russian will pull a “Crazy Ivan” turn and cut his engines at the moment you least expect it!

Source: Billionaire Russian businessman found dead outside Surrey home could have been poisoned | The Independent

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