Legislators power through measure to overturn Key West vote | Miami Herald

Anti-Cruise Ship Mines
Naval mines may be required to defend against cruise ship intrusions.

Torpedo boats. Underwater demolition. Napalm.

The residents of Key West are considering their options in defending their home. Defenders hope to protect their waters from cruise ship assault. The state just overturned a local vote that banned the large cruise ships.

The bill was one of the most ambitious assaults on home rule this session and has commanded a remarkable amount of attention for a city that has a population of less than 25,000, an economy that has been booming, and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state.

Florida state government likes to go its own way, flaunting federal norms and regulations and embracing an exceptionalism that is, oddly, very American. But when it comes to respecting the little guy in its own backyard, the state government seems to think those same rules don’t apply.

"The Wrecker", by Jeff MacNelly
“The Wrecker”, by Jeff MacNelly http://www.jeff-macnelly.com/the-wrecker.htm

Consequently, local residents may have to take matters into their own hands. The Conch Republic was founded on “wrecking”, the practice of responding to ships wrecked at sea. Although there was never a need to actively sink ships, the Conchs will often discuss that aspect with fingers crossed.

Scene from the film "Life Aquatic"
Sea-hijackers (aka ‘pirates’ in maritime).

I wish I could stick around and see what happens, but stone crab season coming to a close. Perhaps another fishing season will begin soon.

Source: Legislators power through measure to overturn Key West vote | Miami Herald

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