Alphabet Tests WeWork Business Model

“Google tells employees to share desks as it looks to cut costs” – TechSpot

TechSpot reports it has seen an internal memo announcing a company-wide cost-saving measure in the form of sharing desk space areas. My first reaction was “WTF”, so I was pleased to see that the article began with this very exclamation as its lede.

“The desk-sharing initiative suggests Google isn’t finished with its money-saving measures just yet,” states the article.

On deeper consideration, I don’t think it’s quite as big of a deal as I had originally. Aware of its generous remote-work policies, it makes a lot more sense to me. And it has to be bad for morale for those who are actually in the office. Seeing dust gather on empty desks and cobwebs grow in unoccupied  offices is kind of a bummer. Especially if that employee has staked out valuable real estate.

Of course, it’s also a cost-saving measure. I’m sure there was already a certain degree of “cube swapping” going on. Maybe it got out of control? Who knows?

The bigger takeaway for me is this: why isn’t there any spin control on this yet? 

Source: Google tells employees to share desks as it looks to cut costs | TechSpot

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