Still Using Firebug?

As a web developer, I hadn’t decided to focus on front-end work until another developer told me about Firebug. When I started targeting mobile, I switched to the Developer Tools suite (DevTools) built in to Google’s Chrome browser. Two years later and I’m just beginning to realize what I’ve been missing. I was on the /r/javascript forum on Reddit… Read More Still Using Firebug?

Fun with JavaScript Profiling, Minification, and JSLint

I’ve been working with JSLint profiling and what they say is true: minification is more efficient if you write your JavaScript following certain JavaScript sub-standards (I know there’s a better way to phrase that). File Sizes Original: 27,542 bytes Original (minified): 21,179 Linted: 30,714 Linted (minified): 20,899 Here’s the scoop. The original file size was 27,542… Read More Fun with JavaScript Profiling, Minification, and JSLint

“JavaScript Wranglin’” or “How I learned To Stop Worrying and Love the DOM”

SUBJECT A short, abstract assessment of how one might improve performance, maintainability, and extensibility of the legacy JavaScript architecture on a high-traffic enterprise website; to create automated processes to perform continuous profile, test, build, integrate, and deployment work; to furnish a well-documented codebase to future developers. MAKE THE JAVASCRIPT UNOBTRUSIVE First, make the JavaScript unobtrusive.… Read More “JavaScript Wranglin’” or “How I learned To Stop Worrying and Love the DOM”

HTML5 Class Update

Hi everyone, Here is some of the information I mentioned last night: GitHub Repositories The weather apps: The jQuery Mobile boilerplate demo (unmaintained for past nine months) I know Phillip is working on getting the slides from class. I’ll make sure to let you know when he’s got them. Please reply with… Read More HTML5 Class Update